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Monday, February 19, 2018

He thought of the cup as an object that was ment to serve him. The cup was filled with tea. He held it, led it towards his mouth and drank from it. The content flew only in one direction which was his interior. He sucked the liquid inside, it was a monoton movement: the cup feeding and him consuming.

„The cup is the drone of the ceramics world, perhaps the hardest working of vessels and the least appreciated.“ (Garth Clark, „The Book of Cups, Abbeville Publishing Group, New York, 1990, p. 17)

He drank everything of it until it was empty. But it still contained the warmth of the hot drink, when he inserted his finger he could feel it: humid and warm. For a short moment they contained the same warmth, the cup and him: he contained the warm tea and the cup the rest of warmth of the tea. Then the cup got cold while the heat inside of him continued. Once the cup was empty he stopped drinking from it.

„Close space! Close the kangaroo’s pouch! It’s warm in there.“ (Le Temps de la poésie, G.L.M. July 1948, p.32)

Then he shouted into the cup and held it close to his ear: he heard a distant echo. The echo vibrated a few times and was gone. He held it close to his breast and felt that it was vibrating synchronously to his heartbeat. He filled it with tea.

„Objects speak to us“ (La Coquille. Conversation entre Issa Samb et Antje Majewski. Dakar 2010)

He looked at it and it was roundly opened as if calling him. He lifted it towards his mouth and his lips connected to the cup. They softly touched it and his tongue reached the wet content. Then the kiss became wild.

“Many a slip twixt cup and lip“ (Garth Clark, „The Book of Cups“, Abbeville Publishing Group, New York, 1990, p. 21)

After finishing he cleaned the cup. The cup was very deep, deep enough to make it hard for him to reach the ground. He cleaned and dried it with care and attention, outside and inside. That made the cup shine and renewed its promissing interior.

„A house that shines from the care it receives appears to have been rebuilt from the inside.“ (Gaston Bachelard, „The Poetics of Space“, Beacon Press, Boston, 1994, p.68)

Again he was very thursty, he had an enormous urge to drink. He wanted to drink without stopping, to drink until he would burst: his goal was to explode. He drank and drank and exploded and turned into a fountain feeding the soil and the plants with his warmth.

„The grace of a curve is an invitation to remain. We cannot break away from it without hoping to return.“ (Gaston Bachelard, „The Poetics of Space“, Beacon Press, Boston, 1994, p. 146)

Afterwoods him and the cup were cold and empty. Helplessly he looked around and decided then to continue drinking from it. First slowly then quickly and what came out of that cup was sweet. He felt a strange feeling that was increasing and expanding inside of him. With every sip there was more room for more feeling inside of his body. It was multiplicating and circulating and it tickled him in an unknown place. Then he could not take it any longer and bursted into tears.

„Moreover the cup does not have any immediate sense of drama – it is small and comprised of at most two elements, a vessel and usually a handle. But that does not mean the drama is absent, rather that we need to examine the cup a little more closely and consciously to discover its sense of domestic theater“ (Garth Clark, „The Book of Cups“, Abbeville Publishing Group, New York, 1990, p. 19)

His tears kept on falling inside the cup. It took more or less three seconds for the first teardrop to reach the ground, the noise sounded far. When the cup was full with tears he was still crying. He looked inside and saw his face inbetween reflections of light.

„My cup runneth over“ („The Bible“, Psalm 23:5 ESV)

As soon as he felt strong enough to move he took the cup and threw it against the wall.

„A kind of cosmic anguish precedes the storm. Then the wind starts to howl at the top of its lungs. Soon the entire menagerie of the hurricane lifts its voice.“ (Gaston Bachelard, „The Poetics of Space“, Beacon Press, Boston, 1994, p. 44)


„The Victorian moustache cup: This vessel had an internal shelf that held the drinker's moustache above the liquid so that he could enjoy his beverage without getting a soggy upper lip.“ (Garth Clark, „The Book of Cups“, p. 62)

The “Victorian Moustache Cup”: This model has an internal shelf that holds the drinker’s moustache above the liquid so the moustache doesn’t get soggy.




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