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ross, m 1

Saturday, February 2, 2019

The book, Ethical Actions: A Critical Fine Art Practice seems to be divided into three sections.
The first bit appears to be essays about the artist by other theorists or/and artists. For each essay there is a lot of space given to the title, the name of the people writing it and a photo which seems to be of a piece or an artwork related to the content of each essay.
The first spread before each essay, introducing individual writher with a name of the author and the photograph, are all design in the same way. The essays themselves on the other hand are either placed vertical, situated in the middle of each page or horizontal, spread over two pages. Some of the essays also have photographs intertwined in the text.
In the exact middle of the book there is a bunch of red pages. On these pages is a piece or an essay written by the artist. The pages on the inside of the cover of the book are also red. So in a way it is like she, the artist, runs through the book. Like a red thread. With the red pages opening, closing and centring the content.
In the second half, the third section of the book, are photographs of works by the artist. It seems to be more informative and is very clearly sectioned. It’s easy to find what the reader might be looking for. A summary of all the works with small pictures and a short text that seems to be information about each artwork. Then the paper changes from matte to slightly more glossy and the photographs of the works are printed bigger so the reader gets the opportunity to observe them.
The book is mostly printed on matte pages including the cover. The font is in the main the same and very approachable to the reader.
Between each section there is enough space that gives the reader time to contemplate or appreciate the content throughout the book highlighting the essays and the artists work as separate peaces.
In a way the book is designed in a very accessible way.

ross, m 1

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