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BROKEN MUSIC 708.4 rec 1 (30165)

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The book ”broken music” is designed by Rick myers. When I was in the library i noticed a pile of newly books stacked on a table. They looked completely fresh and untouched. I know we had to select a book that was newly in, so the chance of them being new was quite big. I could look around the books and quite quickly i came upon 2 books about music and art. Records by artists & Broken music. The records by artist first pulled my attention cause i was interested in the topic. Which great artists also made music and how would it sound? I already saw a cover of an dali LP. But then when i looked in the second book (broken music) i was immediately drawn in by the nice design. It also wasn’t clear to me that it was actually about the same topic (artists music) as the one before. The cover of the book has no title which is something i still dont really like. I don’t know if this is because i am used to books with the title on the front cover or that i just don’t like it and think that the book is laying with the wrong side on the table… Apart from the title, the cover has a nice image which is intriguing and brings questions.  In the design of the book the text is mostly normally arranged. There is a nice use of sometimes full images on pages and sometimes multiple smaller ones. The way of using negative space and placing of larger objects is nicely done throughout the book. The designer Rick Myers is for as far as i can find an designer as artist. I have the feeling that you can kind of feel the artist touches on the first page. There is a little LP on this page which has some broken string music made for the book (quite nice). On rick myers website there is almost no information of any visual work. The visual work i found is with text, quite graphic. For the rest only talks, performances and other things he has set up.

BROKEN MUSIC 708.4 rec 1 (30165)

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