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The Lost cent

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

When I was looking through books in the library, the spine catched my eye because of the ink like written title. So I took the book out of the bookcase and the coin on the cover stand out immediately, it’s not very common to use an actual object on a cover, but it made sense with the title. So now a bit curious for the inside, I opened the book. In the same place as the coin on the cover, was a hole through the whole book and they made use of the hole in all the different illustrations. I was surprised in the first place, but like the coin, it seemed like a well-considered choice. I went through the illustrations, some made more sense then others in comparison with the hole and arrived at the end of the book, were the first text appeared. The font (sans serif) looked pretty current in contrast to the story written by Charles Baudelaire who is more from back in the days. After the story from Charles Baudelaire a dialog came. The text was a bit weirdly designed in my eyes. The margin between text parts and the left side of the paper varied from part to part. I think the designer made this decision because it is a dialog, but still I never saw it before like this. The last page came and I discovered the graphic designer; Arthur Roeloffzen. Funny enough I read the text on the back cover last, and the content in the book itself came together.

Library number: onn 3

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