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A sheet of paper – Ocher Square

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The title « A sheet of paper » and the name of the artist, Remy Zaugg, appear centered, with a Times New Roman font. The book, in a rectangular format (23×29.5), has a hard cover with a plain ocher background, accompanied by a gray square in the center that hosts the title. At first glance, A sheet of paper does not appear to sollicitate any attention, without breaking away from a very classic aesthetic regarding exhibitions books.

However, by offering another look at it, one can notice singular formal protocols that unravel, through visual variations and repetitions, the boundaries between the so-called informative and artistic content. In fact, A sheet of paper has been designed by the artist and his wife, and can be considered as another piece, or a prolongation of his works : on the second page, we can see written « This book as well as the reproduced paintings were produced in collaboration with Michèle Zaugg ». Exhibition photographs are made by Hans Biezen.

While opening the book, we discover that the large ocher square from the cover multiplies itself in various ways : in the artworks presented, as in the architectural plans of the exhibition that are presented above the photographs. Thus, we can notice that the whole book is designed through an iterative process regarding this ocher square, that disseminate itself in every element presented (cover, artworks, architectural plans).

The same visual phenomenon is present with the textual content : the text takes place under the same fonts in the artworks as in the information shown. These variations of patterns and games between the information and the artistic production caught my interest and made me choose this book.

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