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On a clear day you can see forever

Thursday, February 7, 2019


Author/designer: Jan Rothuizen

Nothing in particular about this book made me pick it out of the shelf. Had it not been sticking out of the shelf already I wouldn’t have noticed it among all the others. It has a simple glue binding and is the size of about a standard sketch book. The cover is a photo of a grey sky with an airplane, so the whole book is covered in a grey hue. But looking at it a bit closer, I started noticing the little details that made it interesting. The title is actually not a standard font like I initially thought, but each letter is instead hand drawn from a squiggly line. The book is filled with diary-style texts, simple line drawings and black-and-white photos. The drawings are often of a little character, possibly a self-portrait, with funny captions. The drawings were the first things I found interesting, before I started looking at the layout and the design. The photos are most often centered on the page, but sometimes allowed to fill the entire space. They also often appear in pairs, or corresponding to a text or drawing on the opposite page. The layout was probably decided to work within each spread rather than just the page. There’s also a lot of white space still allowed on the pages, so it never looks cluttered. The choice of font is interesting because at first glance it looks to be a regular font made out of hand written letters. But looking closer at the different ‘e’s and ‘g’s and ‘f’s, I realized that the whole thing is probably hand written. Unfortunately, his hand writing is almost too neat to be convincing, so this probably goes unnoticed most of the time.

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