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Post-menopause – Rosemarie Trockel

Monday, February 11, 2019


The book was designed by Yvonne Quirmbach. In the book she introduces this element of a simple box within a text field. The content of these boxes starts out quite simple with the title of the text right at the first text in the book and then throughout the book she continues to expand on it and explores it further. What’s interesting to me is that while she explores and experiments with it (she puts different kind of content in it like pictures or footnotes) she is always regarding the ways it has been used before so it never becomes confusing or distractive. It is actually done in a quite subtle way, so many people who read the book probably won’t even notice it. There is a playfulness to the overall design that doesn’t reveal itself immediately. A few aspects I didn’t notice at all when I first looked at the book like that the book cover actually unfolds to a poster if you take it out. Even the way the works from the exhibition are presented seems very clean almost mathematic but actually there is quite a bit of variety in it. The book starts by presenting what it calls objects (pictures of some of the content of the exhibition) in a grid under a white background with all the pictures being square and the surrounding area of the objects in the pictures being a clean neutral background as well. Other than some of the pictures taking 4 squares of the 3×3 grid, this let’s call it monotony continues for this first part of the book. Then there is a break signified by a coloured page. Those occur throughout the book and separate the different parts. The next pictures that come afterwards are treated very differently. There the emphasis although the part of the book is titled XXXX seems to lie on presenting them as objects. The way it’s presented is more free, pictures are placed inside the page not adhering to the grid that was used before but it starts with graphicly simple square works and that retains the illusion that the aesthetic is maintained. Overall there seem to be a lot of interesting decisions and elements that can be researched and explored with this book.


library number: tro 5

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