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martin – Next Nature

Saturday, February 9, 2019

I chose the book « Next nature », a book supported by the sandberg and designed by Mieke Gerritzen.

The design of the book is really interesting, not that much by the paper chosen, the format of the pages or the functionality , but more because of the colors chosen, as well as the fonts and basicly the whole visual identity. The name “next nature” reminds of this neo culture emerging because of new technologies and new medias. The design of the book makes me think of these internet pages where you find a lot of content with is a crazy amount of informations with different elements mixed together, with images repeted or put there without explanation. This is something that is well transcribed in the first pages and even the cover with this weird photo of a dog on the back and the multicolore design on the front. Even when you open the book, the first two pages are heavy repetitions of photography of dogs and the font « next nature ».

Something that is noticable as well is that the text in the book is a lot about new technologies and medias « in this world it is perhaps fitting that we can now – thanks again to our technologies – also manipulate the images of nature ». Most of the images chosen in the book are symbols you find in our society or famous logos remade with different colors, like the apple logo made as a pear with lgbt colors. This shows that one of the main topic of the book is the consumer society, something you find with the big quantity of informations you have in the book.


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