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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The main reason I chose this book is because it is small and light. This advantage is not making me to use the book as a pillow to rest my head, but I carry it in my hand so that I can ventilate my head anytime.

Originally, the book is bounded with a hard cover, but it is covered with a soft non-glossy finished paper so that it looks as the book is dressed.

Before you open the book, you can see the outer side of the paper has colored yellow, orange and fluorescentpink as you can see the same layers on the book cover. As the book has the theme of the cocktail, when the book is opened, the colors are layered on both sides of the paper, and it surrounds the text as it spreads in the glass like a cocktail. Fun.

In the text, the shape of the little letter ‘g’ seemed to simulate a water droplet, and a fluorescent pink color was used for the emphasized.

This book was edited by Ryan Gander and Phil Mayer and designed by Abake with Delphine Bourit. I do not know any of them and actually I do not really curious who they are. But I am wondering if I participated in this book.

On the back cover of the book has the names of more people, including author, editor and designers, but the randomly arranged numbers are more interesting rather than names.

Another interesting thing is that the publication information is in the middle of the book, which is usually at the back or front of the book.

I have divided the composition of the book into five big categories. Images, publishing information, cocktail recipes, email and ingredients that is used for cocktails oh and the small profile of peoples who joined the book. Six.

The images are all different in size and layout, and the content is the same, but the contents are all corresponded to the cocktail recipes introduced later. These layouts allow me to cross the front and back of the book and engage me to participate more actively.



Library number: gand 5(218391)

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