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Thursday, February 28, 2019

  Unlike other books from the bookshelf this particularly small book which looks similar as my note caught my eyes. Since the book is tiny, this would not be easily found between other books without the list. Thanks to the list, this could be found. When I flipped the page , this book immediately reminded me of my daily note,  where I wrote down random ideas and thoughts. Texture of the paper, colour, drawings and even handwriting look quite similar as my note , and made me interested.

The book (10cm x 14cm) is about simple ideas and thoughts by Helmut Smits , including some drawings and text that he wrote and drew. It looks like he drew and wrote down with a black pen that we can easily found, which made me feel peeking other’s brain and idea notes. By using the text and drawing that he actually wrote  this book, this book and his ideas looks more fun, and creative. Just simple line drawing , text and black pen made this book simple and clear.  I guess the designer of this book , Helmut Smits,  intended this size, colour and texts, to give an impression of our daily note and I find it actually works.


smits 1.


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