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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yes, these parfume makers sure know how to do it.


What interests me is the part where the glass meets the lid. And the relationship between the glass, the black in the logo and the gold of the lid. It’s about absolute balance here and the elements chosen.

It’s also a big pleasure to hold it. Size matters a great deal.

I made a little watch out of it.

A watch that you always want on your wrist, that’s a bit elegant but still earthly and organic.

The most important task was to create balance between gold, glass and leather.

I chose a small scale with the width of only 2,5 cm on the widest part and the height of 2 cm, regarding to the fact that the round circle on top should only stick out in a convenient way.

As you can see, the difference in functionality of the bottle and the watch made me switch the components around. There could also have been all sorts of other variations of the elements I liked in the bottle but it all evolved so naturally that it probably had to do something with balance as well.

World goes round

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the stand is not straight under the globe this gives it a strange dimension, it looks out balanced/    crooked. It changes its and it can not move like it could with out the stand, now it is directed and only has one possibility. it can not move like a ball can, because a ball is not held  in position.

I made a lamp or a clock, it doesn’t give light but shade. It makes use of light by creating shade , the same game a lamp plays.

it makes use of something else to function. shades change.

It’s no longer a circle, I made the ball flat and changed it’s possibilities in an other way than the stand does, it can not move like a ball.

It refers back to the ball but isn’t the ball,  this is the same for the globe.

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