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How to give life to a furniture

Monday, January 22, 2018

Clay furnitures

Clay furniture by Maarten Baas

I saw the colors. After the shapes. And I finally thought that these furnitures aren’t built on space, but drawn in tree dimensions. I like this work because it’s a design furnitures, but also, and maybe more, a piece of art. Maarten Baas tried to build objects like a part of the human, I see that when a man sit on a chair he becomes one with this chair. He inspired himself by the human body to give an unique shape to his furnitures. They become sculptures.

We feel the fragility of these props by the way which they’re   not really parallels and perpendiculars and because they are made by clay, we also can imagine a movement. It’s again references to the fragility of the human body. The fragility doesn’t come from the only clay but from the choice of these furnitures associating with the material of the clay.

There is a sort of economy of forms, like a generic form of table, of stool, of chairs : we’re moving to essential shapes. The colors used finish to give life to these objects. Maarten Baas change the nature of a stool and a chair. It’s not even just a chair or a table, but something we going to live with.

This design work take place on « Jump in to the futur » ’s exhibition which give us an idea of what was and is the 90’s and 2000’s design and how it growing up during the years. I gave my attention to the neons ’s work which, for me, made a guiding principle during the all exhibition, these works of Cerith Wyn Evans, bruce nauman and so on. Arrived in front of the Clay furniture of Baas I directly thought about these neons which linked the arts works between us here, with these clear lines, easy to break like the glass of neon and they look like uncertain props. I also saw a real freedom of color during these 90’s and 2000’s of design which continued in Baas work.

I finally found smart to put the « Clay Furniture » cloth to the body paintings of Maria Lassing and in front of a big installation where we need to look above the wall to see what’s happened, because « Clay furniture » also look like ladders.

Stedelijk Design Show 2015 /Relevant Highlights

Monday, December 1, 2014


16 Rietveld Basic Year students visited the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum to examine the items in the permanent survey of the design collection.

Does the Stedelijk exhibit all these design items simply because they are in their depot.

Do the collection criteria still have any significance today.

Do these design items have any relevance for us, our life or work,now? Is it possible to make a clear statement about that.

If you click on the image a caption will appear –just as a in a real museum– presenting information and a personal reflection on why that item is considered relevant. You can review the whole exhibition in pop-up mode.


click on images to visit the exhibit





DSC_0321 Schuitema_300


cow-chair_flipped Paulina_glass



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I thought for a long time about the Kho Liang Ie and his work, looking for all sorts of information, I even went to the industrial area where the Stedelijk Museum Library situated, and could not write a word. The only thing that is on the Internet is a biography, in the library all books and articles only in dutch language (sorry, but I do not know dutch).
And then I got lucky and found a booklet called ‘IE’. Read all three of the essay (which were in english!) on Kho, and than one of them caught me.
It is very rare material about Kho Liang Ie and his works, whitch did not exist in the Internet before. Now it does! It is my contribution to the online library of brilliant people.


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