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White Room

Friday, February 20, 2009

1 month ago my brother and me got a new apartment, so a moving process started. I had to paint my new room and organize my stuff but because of my study I could spend only few hours a day to do that. Things went really slow, each day I was working in a small part of the room, moving my stuff from this corner to another. I did not finish organizing it but I am not in a hurry. Every week my room slowly changes from one shape to other. Slowly, but one day my room will be complete. At the same time I was sending photos of the apartment to my mom to keep her in touch with my daily life.

I like to be slow, ’cause it’s giving me time to see what’s going on around me.

One Response to “White Room”

  1. Henk Groenendijk Says:

    Interesting subject and reflection. I think especially with the last sentence you manage to connect it firmly to the “slow design” subject
    Does this “situation” change the way you see or relate to your “stuff”? Your mother must have an intriguing photographic project, it makes me curious …

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