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Lady´s in a car?

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I don´t know why I pick the book in the first place. Sometimes I just take a book without reading the title or the writher. It was standing somewhere in the middle, normal thickness and normal height. Nothing special on the spine, it was just black.

But when I took this book I saw that it was a good choose. There were two lady´s on the cover. I´m actually not sure if it are lady´s or man how are dress like lady´s. The make-up is so heavy that its looks they are covering something up. So they capped my attention. And how longer I looked the more questions came in my head. They are sitting in a car and it looks like a car from someone ells. They weather is shitty and there makeup is not so perfect anymore. I think they are in a different country. They are looking a bit lost. But they don’t care so much. The cover of the book is also not so pretty as it just to be. in the corner it’s a bit ripped. At first, I thought that it was the print on the cover itself. In the inside you can see that someone repaired it with adhesive tape. It fits perfectly by the style of the book. Today I don’t feel perfect ether. I can imagen that I have the same impression of the `girls´. I had a massage from my friend Nina how is also having a winter depression. But it always starts before the winter even begins. The picture is not filling the whole page. The rest is just black. Only the two people have colour. Outside of the car its grey except for some yellow. It The yellow reminds me of a taxy. give the impression of a big crowded city.


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