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Is it possible to create an ideal ‘404 not found’ page?

Sunday, December 9, 2018

‘Error 404’ pages are basically pages that either doesn’t exist or they are broken. Sometimes being in control of thousands of pages on a site is troublesome and errors can be inevitable. However you can create an excellent 404 page that could in fact help your user.

Even though it can act as an advantage people still tend to avoid altering their 404 pages. But what could be useful to include in a 404 error page?

  1. Have a search engine so that people can search what they are looking for
  2. Have a link to the main page so that people can redirect
  3. Create contact forms so that people can inform you about the broken link/fill in their enquiries



4. It’s always disappointing when you reach an error 404 page therefore it’s a good idea to prevent further frustration. 


5. Or you can have a really playful design such as


6. You can also have a funny design. 


In conclusion, 404 error pages can be useful for your users if you care about making it into a helpful page.




New Design Websites and Blogs

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We present a new set of links: Design teacher Veronica Ditting recommended LinedandUnlined >a portfolio of writing, resources, and ideas by Rob Giampietro< and Showstudio >the legendary blog by Peter Saville+Nick Knight.
Our Brasilian design connection Ricardo (ex Sandberg Master) suggest you take a look at the all visual Collective Perception blog >where forward thinking terrestrials exchange ideas and information about the state of the species, there planet and the universe<.

media MITuniversity

Henk Groenendijk suggest you spend some time with Design Observer >a huge database on design subjects and articles< or UBU Web >an independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde<. Towards the future have a lok at Koert Mensvoort’s Next Nature blog. Out of Dot Dot Dot magazine grew The Serving Library and New Design Websites and Blogs can be found in Design Observer a great platform with >writings on design and visual culture by Michael Beirut, Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel<. Erik Mathijsen adds the link to the overwhelming MOMA website.
Finally for all the students of group D desperately trying to make there presentation deadline PlayPlayPlay by American designer Rick Valicenti
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