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Sleep Mode.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hello there, do you remember the moment when, after a long period of watching, your screen and you, turn away in order to rest your eyes for a bit. Perhaps you went to the kitchen for a snack or a quick visit to the bathroom. Only to find your screen being “saved” in your return. It grabs your attention, you might ask yourself how does it work and
why does my screen need a saver…? 

So opening a program on your computer works within the operating system (.exe) to give an example; POWERPNT.EXE or OFFICE.EXE is a word processing application so when you create a untitled.doc (an executable file) it can only be viewed within the office.exe application or an external reading program this also count for the .png .jpeg and etc. A screen saver is different (.scr) it will appear on top of its computer operating system and does not need another .exe  program to execute its script.
Back to the most common question: “what needs your screen to be saved from”? The first generation of monitors had a fosfor layer on its screen which was sensitive enough to get permanently damaged when the monitor was not getting triggered. So back in the day when it took more then seven minutes to start up a computer, it was more common to leave the monitor on for the rest of the day. If it was not for the screensavers your screen would eventually show black spots at some points. The animation in the screensavers made sure that there was enough movement for the screen not the get burned.

In the exhibition “Sleep mode – The art of the screensaver” you will experience our historic screensavers in the 2017 version of documentation. It feels like a gallery in system preferences but brought into the physical world. The room is divided by the screens which are taller then life size and square. The exhibition was brought together by Rafaël Rozendaal who got fascinated by the designs of the screensaver generation.

You can visit the “Sleep mode – The art of the screensaver” until the 20th of August 2017 at “Het nieuwe instituut” in Rotterdam. Your Welcome, peace out.



Sleep mode – The art of the screensaver, The New Institute, Rotterdam

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