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The Anti-Modern version of Villa dall’Ava

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Villa dall’ava is a villa designed for a family that wanted a house that could be seen as two separate apartments; one for the parents and one for their daughter. The Family wanted a swimming pool on the roof and a panoramic view of the surrounding and over Paris.

The design is made with cheap material such as corrugated aluminum panels combined with expensive material such as natural stone, which is also a significant of Rem Koolhaas. Which for him is a way of mocking modernism by using materials and building structures that are different of what is commonly esthetically accepted. Another way of mocking modernism is by using different building systems that can have practical disadvantages such as sloping floors or ceilings, which you can also see in the design of Villa dall’Ava.

I was inspired by the way Rem Koolhaas is known for mocking modernism. And I questioned myself why would you call the combination cheap with expensive material, and sloping floors or ceilings mocking with modernism. Aren’t sloping floors and ceiling or the use of cheap material modernistic?
I thought that the ultimate way of mocking modernism would be something that wouldn’t be modernistic. I made a non-realistic sketch of Villa dall’Ava in a way that I find is mocking modernism.  By using materials that aren’t modern.

The Villa dall’ava is part of the Treasures of the NAi (Rotterdam); You can read more about the designed by 3 architects from OMA architects in my enclosed research pdf.


G group’s research subjects

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Poeme2_web_final 0708g-brasilia-redu

Based on the general theme “Le Corbusier and Other Stories” we investigated a variety of subjects related to the content presented at this summers Corbusier Art and Architecture exhibit at NAi, Rotterdam. Research material was edited down to A4 sized guided tours/portals into these subject matters. All subjects presented in this list were available as hard copy prints at the Research Folder Archive at the library of the academy from November 2007 until January 2013 at which date we decided to have them only available as part of the online Designblog archive:

Primitivism, Le Poème de l’Angle Droit, Corbusier’s Christmas Gift, La Chapel de Notre Dame, Amedee Ozenfant, Corbusier in Istanbul, Varese’s Poème Electronique, The Candigarth Project, Modular, Language of Organic Form, Corbusier and Politics, The Bric, Ferdinand Léger, The Brasilia Project, Sandberg’s Experimenta Typografica 11, Koolhaas/Lagos, Nature Design Zurich, Constant’s New Babylon, Rietveld’s Academies, The Chaisse Longue

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