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Wibaustraat a place to relax

Saturday, November 20, 2010

for my Rietveld inspiration I choose for the transparency that Rietveld used in a few of his buildings. The primary reason for choosing “transparency” was because of the sunlight that is entering. The model that I made is of a structure that mostly is made out of glass and also the opposite of the forms of his buildings. Instead of the square form I gave most part of  my building a round form, because I didn’t like the square form. For me these forms are a little bit stiff.

To know what to build , I did a little bit of research by interviewing people in that neighbourhood. It turned out that people had this sort of negative tough on this area. For that I wanted to changes that sort of thinking. I want to put something that would give you a save and at the same time a relaxing feeling. Also because the places there are very crowded, I want to make it as cozy as it possible can be.

there for I made this “art park”

not just a park but something out of the

ordinary like a big sculpture. A sculpture in which you can walk. A place for family and friends also a place that will attract tourist. There is also a space where artist can exhibit and where students can demonstrate their work.

Reasons why I have chosen for this is because more should be invested in art and that this is just as important as anything else. What is also important that people will get a different picture of the area itself and that it will make you feel safe and comfortable. Everybody else can see that art is not about what an artist does, but what he wants to achieve.

In each room there will be different activities. In the round tube people can walk and have a conversation. In this round tube there will be places like a long sofa were you can just relax. A certain music will be played while laying there. In the second space you will see a blue sofa, here you can have a relaxing and romantic moment with your partner and because of the transparency of the building you have this great view of the whole area surrounding you. In the square space different exhibitions can be hold off artist and students

Because I was inspired by Rietveld there will be a statue placed of him at the front of the park. Written on a big board: ART PARK INSPIRED BY GERRIT RIETVELD.

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