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Sunday, April 13, 2014

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NEW design essays with Non-Design content

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The action is quick. The ‚NEW‘ tag directs my steps to the transparent shelf with the top new books in the library. The first book that I see has:

yellow background cover
big, white and fat number 79
long list of black titles, each one written with the different font
straightforward title Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design

Everything is clear now, this must be the book on design ( I reassure myself that it belongs to the industrial design section), therefore fits for the project.I look at the hopefully new publishing date, and this is the only disappointing moment: 2007. I can not find any newer design book on the top new books shelf. The title of the very first essay says: Warning: May Contain Non-Design Content. If the librarian would read all the books they get, how should they react to such statement? What the amount of the Non-Design Content would move the book out from the design section? What date would put it out from the top new books shelf?

Non-Design Content

Non-Design Content

Rietveld Library code: 770.6-bie-1

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