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"Hanging" Tag


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The poster is red and have an eye in the middle, with two staggered lines curving over it, forming a bended piece of something flat.

The sclera is black/greyish (fear/the unknown) and the iris is red (danger/aggression), the lines going over  the eye is foming a sort of path.

Some of the ’’path’’ is grey and some is white, the lines fade in and out as it goes over the eye.

I liked the image/poster because of the story its telling.

The expression in the eye and the lines going over it is giving the feeling of the things it has experienced in its life time, the colours in the two lines i would think to be the events its seen, going from white – innocent/purity to grey – sadness/fear.

The Expression of the eye somehow gives the feeling that its not good things it has seen/is seeing , the red colour emphasize that it could be something dangerous, yet its aware of the of the danger, its not scared of whats happening, as though it would have experienced it before.

Maybe its the one making it dangerous, doing hurtful things.

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