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From Inside

Sunday, May 26, 2019


It’s like entering a never-ending tunnel.
I step in and I am lost.
I step in and I see such an excessive amount of possibilities that it becomes overwhelming.
It is extremely vast but there is only one right way.

After a long, long search when I find it, a bright light illuminates my path.
Suddenly, I understand everything, I am sure of my moves, I know how to continue.


A pair of pink ballet shoes shines in the dark and show me a new entrance, but inside I am still blinded and confused. Quickly I realize the pink slippers help me to adapt my body to the space and guide me towards the next opening.
I still cannot see clearly, but I feel. I feel smooth silk, tickling wool, rough cotton all around the wall. Am I in a costume shop? I choose a piece with a tulle fabric resembling a Ballet costume. I wonder, am I in Jaime Hayon’s house? Is this black hole that I am trapped in an art piece or the pieces inside are a creations in itself?
I am about to give up when a new light appears. It is a search engine and I type in « email ». Nothing fits me, I cannot find what I am looking for. So I try « futuristic ». And to my greatest delight a new gate opens.
The relief doesn’t last long. My body starts to tremble, I am dizzy and an echo is repeating the words « social » and « design », « social-design ». If that weren’t enough, guilt and uneasiness take over my body. I rewind my previous steps to find out what has changed. I have a new clothing piece! I ask myself: What is Vetements doing in fashion industry? And I quickly take it off. That’s when a new entrance, saying Jacob Jensen appeares.
However, when I enter, nothing looks like him. So I look for a multiplayer. I cannot find anyone, only a chess set. So I step in the role of a knight and find myself in the next cave: a library from the Middle Ages full of old books. Pick a goddamn book, I am told. Only if it were so simple. This choice will define my entire future, the new world I will discover. Quartz obsidian, how does it sound? I visualize a bright, colorful space to put an end to this darkness. Luckily, I wasn’t wrong. My new world constitutes a Responsive Color System.
Although this brightness is liberating at first, it blinds my senses. So I have to search again. The result is unspeakable. I cannot recognize my visual system anymore. I enter a world full of code names. It takes me a considerable time to figure out only the name of my new Earth: CIE-1931-System. It is hard because in that world I am only an x, a tiny, dull, lifeless particle of the system. Almost the youngest.
I am lost again, swimming in the fog. I am desperate to find a safe place, when a new concept is introduced to me: The Exform by Nicolas Bouriaud. I dive into this new opportunity with the hope of finally finding clarity.

But I enter again…

Lost in Designblog

Tuesday, May 16, 2017



I start my search ,  analyzing everything  .  the information that gave the webpage . I did not know where I was going . But everything seemed super curious , there is so much information ,  and how the words played with each other . The connections that sent me from one page to another . It confused me a lot . I don’t know what I’m looking for.


I reaches a point that was lost in the network . Frustrated not knowing what to do , with a pen in the mouth that  i bit all the time . The pen entered my mouth and returned to the page and denied my mouth , repeatedly , unconsciously . The stress level went up completely. Looking for someting  that I’m going to make my blog about it .
I see myself with the surprise that i had a nervous tic . Without knowing that all the time i was in the network at the same time made recordings in my notebook . That was the moment that I realized that there was something that happens to me ,  when i was in a network , being frustrated, I relaxed doing doodles !

I did not know why ,  but it just gave me a moment of reflection . My question was would there be more people like me, who carries this type of anxiety whit the web ? Will the web cause empathy with the viewer? I do not think zo , but I wanted to solve it, it’s a matter of having a way of finding information that is more comfortable, pleasant, when one has to do a research.

Many times once being an adult you forgets the power of scribbling. I think being optimistic makes you remember being that child who did not know how to draw. Or questioned what  am i doing has a validity.  But this case what the hell I’m doing . You must disconnect what one looks on the web with your notebook full of notes giving a space to do what you want free doodle type.
Enjoy that moment with no matter. In these acts that one draws or scribbling  , just releases the endorphins. It help . This type of exercises are leading you to have a better experience. Know what you can do to improve your income and take into account a better satisfaction .



Hormones of Happiness Our body is able to produce a series of hormones, three of which are responsible for pleasure and motivation (dopamine), relieving mood (serotonin) .  Endorphins are neuropeptides (small protein chains) that are released through the spinal cord and the bloodstream. They are natural opiates of the body that can be up to 20 times more potent than the anti-pain drugs that are sold in pharmacies. Activities such as listening to music, dancing, bathing, walking, staying with friends, etc. Increase blood levels of endorphins. The Mind of the Body produces at least 20 different types of endorphins, which are stored mainly in the hypothalamus.

By coloring, we are activated different areas of the two cerebral hemispheres. “Both the logic, the forms we color and the creativity in the mixture of colors, as well as areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor are involved. Provides acts by lowering the activity of the amygdala, a basic part of our brain involved in controlling emotions that is affected by stress. 

I think when you are so long connected on the web and being frustrated the best you can do something manual. Disconnect and give the space to assimilate all the information given. With scribbling leads you to better concentration and with this technique you can be more productive.

I think when you are so long connected on the web and being frustrated the best you can do something manual. Disconnect and give the space to assimilate all the information given. With scribbling leads you to better concentration and with this technique you can be more productive.

Have lot of fun , and be HAPPY !







The then contemporary pirate- The now lost artist

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The then contemporary pirate- The now lost artist



Once upon a time,
a baby was born.

Thirty three years later he disappeared.

It’s a fascinating story indeed as only a true captain with stone-strong beliefs and trustful instincts could proceed with such an ambition.
Aye! A captain he was. But in reality he was an artist. Or, thats what we like to call him nowadays. Or maybe what he really was is a contemporary pirate.I mean, he did have his own boat and he did start a journey that would last days and nights. And nights. And days. Until humanity never heard of him ever again.



Before the ship had sailed/ Primary time

He was unconsciously building this plan into his -back then, clueless- mind, and he had to go through different processes. But he was too sad to tell anyone.
His interests varied from falling into the Amsterdam canals to falling from roofs and such.

A rebellious soul, a living concept I would call him.
Or a concept with legs. (And the rest.)

He failed the exams at the famous art school ‘Gerrit Rietveld Academy’.
But he got in the Otis Art Institute. and managed to not only graduate, but also win the heart of his Dulcinea, the daughter of the principal.
And now I have to apologise if this story is too cliche for your taste, but it’s not my fault, that’s the actual story.


The theme of that day: Arrangement 

I will need to make a small twist though.

So the other day I was passing by a flower shop. Quite a nice one I must say. Behind the vitrine, there was a vase with a beautiful bouquet of three colours: Red, blue and yellow. A person was standing behind the vitrine and behind the vase and he was arranging the bouquet; it seemed like he didn’t like the yellow or the blue flowers as the next time I passed by the vitrine(few hours later), the bouquet was consisting only by red ones. It was a funny coincidence, later that day I found myself arranging my markers from red to yellow, green, blue and purple. And after that I was doing the same with my clothes and even my food. Yes. Funny.

The disappearance 

Well as I can’t hear anyone laughing and I have no idea what this text is all about, I will now silently walk away.

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