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Friday, December 4, 2009

If the three books of these postings would meet, they would be like strangers staring at each other seeking something in common to speak about. From the child in fashion, dating back in content and production, to the nomad designer in it’s contemporariness and the language of art drifting in between.

They were all connected by the same criteria of chance; being strangers by name, but not unfamiliar by the subject, books which I passed judgment on by their bare covers. In the end, a conscious (or subconscious) choice, they all became connected into a context. The links between the words and the pictures and the connotations which they created.

Maybe that’s why my last choice for a book is so appropriate – it fills out the gaps between this project even in it’s title. Taal in kunst/Language in Art


Failure of one, is the inspiration of another.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Even a single glance at a book cover becomes a decision, a judgment, based on certain criteria.

The book was misplaced, and it’s covers where filled with esthetically, (slightly), unappealing elements. What caught my eye was the title, or rather the implication of the subject. Even though the subject itself bears no great interest, I’ve seen other books with the same main idea which contained beautiful material purely visually.

This one did not. Instead, it contained another element that is in itself intriguing – photographs which bordered into becoming artificial and forced. Though, if the book had felt like a perfect compilation on this, I would have left it at the shelf after looking through the pages. Instead, it’s borders almost reaching something interesting / but not succeeding / was what made the decision of checking the book out, and it ending up in my backpack.

The idea of how to perfect it and make it my own

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