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Bed (Time) Story

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My mom turned off the light.It was the first night in my new yellow bed, my big, big yellow bed.I never expected that my parents would give me such a big present for my birthday.

I was trying to close my eyes but I could hear the metal mesh base of the bed.

And my mattress was too small so I could see the metal springs, in the springs was a big sign in black: AUPING.

I new this sign, it was from the Auping bed store not so far away from my house.After a while I got used to the sound and I fall asleep in my new bed.

I always thought that the sign illustrated a bed, and the big horizontal line was a mattress and the words underneath where the metal springs.

I’d never realised that the graphic designer Wim Crou

wel made this sign until I went to visit the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.And there I also realised that this Auping factory was very close to my house where i used to live.

So I decided to go there again, and yes there it was the big sign in blue (not black) AUPING



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