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Thursday, May 18, 2017



Mussel dish with marbled decoration, Delft 1846 : Openluchtmuseum.

Do you ever read your journal?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The first thing that I noticed about the book that it´s a very small. Always when I have to pick a book I take the smaller ones because I am less scared of it because I know that I can always carry it around. Also that I don´t have to read hours in it to understand everything. But actually it doesn´t make any sense because one phrase of a philosopher could keep me busy for days to understand. The cover is made of marble paper. My brother use to make it when we were kids. In the country house we used to be busy for days playing with colours and patrons. What is it that when you grow older you are more thinking about the past? Sometimes I´m thinking of what will happen to all the old books in 200 years. Will people throw them away? Or will it be something to collect and cool to read instead of an e-reader. Or whatever people read from in 200 years. There is an etiquette in the book. I wonder about the days that people were so proud of their book that they put an etiquette in every book. Like they were treasure. I think this book is treasure because it´s gives me the feeling that is a kind of journal. Orange and yellow are strange colours to combine for a cover. A choice I didn´t see often. Also I never made that colour combination with the marble paper. I never had a journal. Maybe this book makes me wanna have a journal. Because you lose your thoughts. But at the same time you shouldn’t live too much in the past. I also wonder how many times a person that has a journal actually reads it after.

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