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Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Salomé Roodenburg* and Nicolas Chuard talking together about the subject of working within the ‘Rietveld bubble’


Each project that students initiate, makes them into temporary experts on given topics. Art & Design schools then become knowledge hubs where different expertise cross fertilize. By looking at what types of research students engage in, Designresearch and UnBornLab organized a 'workshop' to investigate design matters from a students' perspective.

Through a series of short video's students from both the Foundation Year and the DesignLab department share ideas, focusing on the temporary expertise gained as part of their projects, rather than the outcome. The workshop was articulated around one of their given assignments. Students were asked to develop a specific object or context to help focus or explain content.

The format is clear: two persons, discussions, filmed from above.
the space is : two stools and a table.

* Foundation Year


No time

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saturday evening. I set up my alarm clock at 9:30, pretty early for a free Sunday.
It’s not that I want to be out of bed around that time. I’m going to watch Villa Achterwerk op Ned 3 in the morning. Before it starts I get a cup of thee and a sandwich. To have breakfast in bed, while watching Villa Achterwerk. As we did when I was littel. Walking to the bathroom on slippers and a soft bathrobe, having a relaxing shower to get fresh. Putting on a comfortable jogging suit. Lunch with a few sandwiches and if I’m lucky an egg. Dress up warm to have a walk outside, getting fresh air and watch the street outside. I see Cat’s sitting on the street, or sleeping on the heater behind the window. Moments where time isn’t important, i should have more moments like that.

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