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the clouds of Andy

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moving towards the theoretic department, exiting! or boring? the book “studio and Cube” caught my attention because i am currently writing an essay about curating, and the title popped in to my eye “Hello there, im relevant to you, the book screamed” and i took it without any consideration. futher more, the curating subject is to me imediate future, the book looks boring, but I think the opposite. the subject is no where near childish, but my method of grabbing it and running out of the library without any hesitation kind of is.

What turned out to be funny, and not funny as in “funny, haha” but a perculiar coincsidence, was that i imediately opened the book (which is mostly text rather than images) to page 61 (this is a guess or estimation as the book is to fancy to have page numbers on all pages) wich features a work of Andy Warhol, Silver clouds 1966 – wich. hold your breath, in my mind imediatly linked to the previous book of my choice with the ambient work of Hanna Jung of a cloud like bed with a cloud of whool over it. In Andys case, the clouds are made of aluminium something, and are shiny pillows floating around in space. If I had’nt had my previous reference of cloudy rooms the clouds would have had no signifigance to me but now they imediatly pressent something poetic, as light, but in another time frame. Other times, other clouds.

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