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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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from the Designblog tag-list.


browse mapping by Maria Micheva

It is not easy to navigate in the design world, let alone Designblog.
The 979 postings and over 2000 keywords turn it into a subjective maze. How are you going to find an entrance to amazing stories and surprising opinions. In-depth interviews and downloadable theses and research papers.
Before you know it, you turn from user to participant of a universe that sucks you in or swings you out.

browse mapping by Severin Bunse

Students from A group decided to help you along by browsing the blog for you. Becoming your guides, in a manner of speaking. Creating new tags that can serve as “Travel Tags”. [invention, ice-cold, climate, crisis, fun, erudition, rules, gravity, convention, removable, purple, symbol, social-talk, audio-zine, similarities, mode, funny-story, flexibility, women, do-it-yourself, icon, sharing, interpretation, role, masterpiece, travel, imagination, slowMe, play, peaceful-living, mystery, sexuality, reflector, 0-dimension, no-comment, theater, ideology, dress, sharing, hidden, art-of propaganda, dependency, break-up, sign, young, pulling-pushing, conditional, breakfast, porcelain, Norwegian-mythology]-tt. You can look them up in Designblog’s tag-list, under [50-TravelTags].

browse mapping by Anouk Buntsma

Browsing surely illustrates that Designblog can become a true Pandora’s box. On the TravelTag poster, which was printed on this occasion, you can see a selection of their journeys in the form of ‘browse-maps’. Visualizations of their browsing history. These visual sketches show clearly that browsing through the blog leaves a clear individual trace. No person experiences it the same way. The blog creates –by design– a colored travel experience that synchronizes with your personal taste and ambition.

Friends of the shelf

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Never thought I could have a talent, but hey, I have one now because I consider my dumbness as a talent. Picking-out-the-least-smart-mind-opening-and-interesting-books-from-the-library.

When is something considered as a talent? Wikipedia says; “Talent is generally considered to be an innate, personal gift possessed by relatively few people. In essence, someone with talent has an aptitude to do certain things”.

I bet my talent past the talent-test.

Walked past the shelf to say hi to all my loser friends. Said hello to all the swindlers in the design section, said howdy to all the dumb books in the art section. All the books of the past four weeks. Met a new friend today. What a library loser. Wasn’t lend for twenty-eight years. I cherish friends like that.

-sok- 2


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Something happened to me at the library. Not such an everyday thing.

A clear report of what happened at the library: The first book I took from the shelf was the right one.

You might think: “Okay. What a breaking news”, or you might have read my last post and know that I’m the girl that never picks the right book from the shelf, and that’s why your now thinking: “Chapeau chapeau!”.

Extraordinary it was. This book wasn’t a swindler. Not a library loser. Opening the book proved my thought, it was lend 29 times before. I trusted the people who had lend this book before me. They must have picked the pick for a good reason. Probably.

The book contained 846 pages of sketches of forgotten trees, endless forests, empty landscapes. It was sketched two centuries ago. Flipping through these, almost numb, pages made me feel like walking through a library. The feeling of being lost. The feeling of never finding the right book. The feeling of being a library loser. These 846 pages were a perfect resemblance of my library feelings. After thousands of failures, I found a book that fits me.

-frie- 3

s,i,m-o books

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There are two feelings I have with libraries. I’ll put these two feelings in words:

Feeling #1. Being in a library makes me feel intelligent. Surrounded by all this knowledge there is no other option for me.

Feeling #2. Being in a library makes me feel dumb. Surrounded by all this knowledge I was never able, in my library history, to pick out a smart, interesting and mind-opening book.

I went to the library with an optimistic feeling; I went there with the intention to find the book that’ll make my day. I spend thirty minutes (approximately) looking for the most smart, interesting and mind-opening book. After picking out thirteen (approximately) smart, interesting and mind-opening looking books, feeling #2 was once again confirmed. All the thirteen books were swindlers.

Book #13. was the worst, it was never lend before, though it stood here between the “s,i,m-o” books since 1994. (Yes indeed, for fifteen years). The book was a waste of paper. I had to lend this book; we are soul mates in a way, both library losers.

774.7 zee 1

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