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s,i,m-o books

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There are two feelings I have with libraries. I’ll put these two feelings in words:

Feeling #1. Being in a library makes me feel intelligent. Surrounded by all this knowledge there is no other option for me.

Feeling #2. Being in a library makes me feel dumb. Surrounded by all this knowledge I was never able, in my library history, to pick out a smart, interesting and mind-opening book.

I went to the library with an optimistic feeling; I went there with the intention to find the book that’ll make my day. I spend thirty minutes (approximately) looking for the most smart, interesting and mind-opening book. After picking out thirteen (approximately) smart, interesting and mind-opening looking books, feeling #2 was once again confirmed. All the thirteen books were swindlers.

Book #13. was the worst, it was never lend before, though it stood here between the “s,i,m-o” books since 1994. (Yes indeed, for fifteen years). The book was a waste of paper. I had to lend this book; we are soul mates in a way, both library losers.

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4 Responses to “s,i,m-o books”

  1. Joakim Drescher Says:

    yes i think you are right. the library is full of ”swindlers” and that is a good name for them. perhaps your way of selection -conciously choosingbooks because they look like the shrinking violets and downtrodden losers and hope to discover their hidden beauty and potential but often leave the library disapointed in your discoveries. with the realisation that these books are crammed into their graves between books for a good reason ?

  2. Evita Vasiljeva Says:

    Your honesty in the text grabbed my attention and I could not to tell you that.
    “Feeling #1. Being in a library makes me feel intelligent. ” made me laughing loud because I feel the same. You put my thoughts in text.

  3. Rozemarijn Hermans Says:

    So you can see that you can find your soul mate. Through your story your book is not alone anymore, but lent at least ones, and even written about. So it is not the library loser anymore. There is still hope, just with this encouraging thought back into the library. The next time you will find a “s,I,m-o” book as your soul mate. I will look for mine.

  4. Frank Stolk Says:

    Liked it

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