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Alchemy and Mysticism

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I rented two books ‘Alchemie & Mystiek’ edition 1997 and edition 2006, just to be on the safe side if one where to be better then the other one, no difference between them in the end. I randomly picked the 1997 edtion because it was laying on its back, and would have returned it had the contents not been so fascinating. Here a selection;

Macrocosmos, Ptolemaeus, Brahe, Copernicus, Sun, Moon, Lower Astronomy, Divine Bodies, Genesis, World-egg, Opus Magnum, Elementa chemicae, Adams Fall, Chaos, Ressurection, Aurora, Filosofical Tree, Sefiroth, Ab uno, Oedipus chimicus, Snake, Conjunctio Rosarium Philosophorum, Androgyn, Separatio, Trinity, Fire, Filosofical-egg, Matrix, Source, Dhristus-lapis, Blood, Microcosmos, Human form Divine, Brains and memory, Rotation, Divine geometry.

These concepts gave me associations to my childhoud, when i used to read a lot about these subjects. But these days it reminds me more of the fascination of man, trying to percieve reality trough metafysical thinking.  How he failed miserably,  but through his failing created great stories and art

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2 Responses to “Alchemy and Mysticism”

  1. Joakim Drescher Says:

    metaphysics = philosophy doesnt it?
    i cannot see the failure unless there is a clear beginning and end in the quest for knowledge.. but you are talking about the quackery of the alchemists and that branch of ”metaphysics”?

  2. René van Heel Says:

    Anything that investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science are in my own opinion failed views on the world, as will science itself also be a failing one day. But till this point in history it stands firm.

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