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The colorful dark

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Before I could set my foot into the room

my thoughts of the current day still wandering through my mind,

the first book started to scream at me,

more precisely it was a magazine.

It was smaller and lighter than a book but it did not matter for this little
rascal resting on the cupboard shelf, screaming was of no hindrance.

It was forcing my attention with its hypnotizing pink and purple colors.

I was captivated for a while.

But as our over agitated society,

it was this attraction soon diminished by attendance of other screaming books.

One even more vividly present with fancy words than the other.

All of them screaming choose me, grab me, take me with you.

And there between all these overflows of impulsions,

my eyes fell in a pool of ease and silence.

Dark as a black night.

The absorbing forces of the dark black colors where clearly sensible.

I was pulled inside, being there a fountain of colors appeared before my eyes.

Calm sound colors this time, thoroughly and logically arranged.

How great is the privilege to be in a corner of a library where no man set foot before.

Where you can disappear and meander away into other worlds for a while in the abundance of mind gushing stories.

Distracted from the swiftness of reality.


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One Response to “The colorful dark”

  1. Freija van Dijk Says:

    “How great is the privilege to be in a corner of a library where no man set foot before.”

    How great would it indeed be, to set foot in a library where nobody was before. Like some old cave of which you are the first one to discover, with millions of old documents. I think I could stay there for days, weeks, even years. In fact a private library would be like a diary. Covering all specific interests of one person.

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