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My key to comfort

Friday, May 23, 2008

luciferdoos Since I have been inhabiting my new apartment, matches have become an indispensable product in my daily live. Without matches I would stand underneath a cold shower every morning, would not have warm dishwater, no heating and no possibility of cooking.
An incomplete combustion of my geyser, makes that I have to disable it when I don’t use hot water. Because of this, lighting a match has became my morning ritual. Not only my geyser is dependent on the use of matches, also my gas stove and heater refuse service without the use of this inflammable wood.
This typical Swedish product is been sold all over the world and the brand wich i have at home is more then one century old. Remarkably, the matchbox still wears it’s original design which gives a beautiful scene of it’s origin.

if you like to read more on this subject of matchbox labels do read this pdf on [translation-site]

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