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Dutch Design Profiles

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Designblog made a new link; to DUTCH DFA (Dutch Design Fashion and Architecture) “video profiles”. Presented at the latest 2010 DDW (Dutch Design Week) these profiles are part of DFA’s 4 years program that aims to strengthen the international position of these design sectors. Do enjoy the short video’s. Check out also Premsela Institute the much more interesting Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion. Have a look at their program of lectures and exhibits and their “pioneers of Industrial Culture Podcast series“.

To celebrate the exhibit Misfit of Hella Jongerius at the Rotterdam Boymans van Beuningen Museum –which we visited with E-group last week– and the kick-off of DesignTheory’s latest focus “The Designer as Artist.….”, based on an article in the 2010 5th issue of Metropolis M

we present . . .

The most literally places in Holland

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Bibliotheek tweede kamer

Library politic department

As the title of my book already suggest, it is all about books. I choose for a book, which shows a collection of the most interesting libraries in Holland, all supported by interesting pictures of them. It is all about the silence and intellectual atmosphere that fits into the library. The reason I took this book is because it is about the industrial architecture were books need to fit in perfectly.

The title of the book is called: “/hier groeien boeken uit de grond” which means: “Books are growing out of the ground”. The photographers and designers show you how books can be part of the design of the building, which was for me the most important reason to choose for this book. When I look at the images in this book, I get the feeling of the enormous archive of all kind of letters, words, lines and story’s there are in a library, but also in the whole world.


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