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Swing Lantern

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I went to “Swing Lantern

When I went first time with my friend, there was nobody. We began to play Swing Lantern (that handles were high for me, but I managed). We had finished it, we were seeing it. Then, two persons came to Swing Lantern, they began to play it. I took a photograph. One of them spoke to us “If you want, I take a photograph for you playing Swing Lantern”. We were taken photograph. There was wide place, it was easy for us to find it. It was high, and colorful.
When I went there second time, a family played it. They had three little children, they changed to play for one child. In ordinary designers week (it was held in Tokyo every year), we couldn’t play with product. It was problem. But in this project, we can play, and we can make a memory with the products. It is a good experience and important thing.

I thought about “swing” and “lantern”. It reminded me of Japanese hu-rin. It is a bell which make sounds when the wind blows. Japanese hu-rin made of glass. We use it outside during summer. It was very small, the size is about 7cm. When we listen to the hu-rin’s sound, we feel cool and happy. During summer night, I open the window, while I listen to the hu-rin’s sound, I use to read books. “Swing Lantern” make us experience and remember. I’d like to make things like swing lantern. I’d like to make people have memory through my art project.

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posting by Juri Suzuki

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