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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last week I wrote a posting about a student in the middle of a project, of an exchange of her and other peoples ideas, all seeming fruitful and full of inspiration. This week I visited her again, anxious to hear new developments. She was stuck.

Many artists experience this during the process of making something and a walk around the basic year revealed many tactics in getting back on track:

  • Have a beer

  • Be hungover

  • Go to a junkshop or flea market

  • Make all kinds of small things related to your project

  • Analyze all different parts, what do you want, what does it mean etc.

  • Talk to someone

  • Do something else

  • Find things that are completely non-related.

  • Or just keep on going, stuck is just an idea in your head.

Or do some Automatic Writing, which happens to be also an album of a great band.

Here’s a jam from them, featuring some pictures of your typical inspiration-seeking person.

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