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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Windowzoo, a worldwide community art project found by the Swiss software engineer Till Bay, gathers inspiration from street art. It is based on the concept of placing silhouettes of birds (or other animals) made of black folio on windows and transparent walls of public buildings. The silhouettes often mingle with the design of the building and thus (according to the authors) create a (as opposed to street art) non-intrusive form of interaction with the environment.

Everyone can participate in the project in two simple steps:

1. place (free) a bird which plays with the context of the surroundings and

2. post a photograph of the creation to the windowzoo’s Flickr group.

Videos can be found on wdztube and illdesign, YouTube channels. Windowzoo’s participation in Rotterdan ART is also shown there.

if you want to read more, read this information and my interview with Till Bay

posting Alex Agelov

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