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“The Nude…”

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In the first books I choose, everything was planned. Every stroke and detail. Design is a view of something. From something which is mostly they same in somebody’s mind as in reality.

My other book is about photography, photography from naked people. It is called: “The Nude in Czech Photography”

I was inspired by tags from the second book, originally, realization and process. Human body, every body is original. Every body is unique, there is no body the same. The product in my other books are all things were you can make more of the same.

I have choose nudes photography because it is always about process and realization. If you ask a person to pose, you have to read their body language. You have to understand the light and try to photograph the energy from the person. A photo shoot is a ritual where your ideas become really with your improvisation.

Process from the photo is just as important as by design. In photography are photoshop and the dark-room two of the most important items. In the end I think that this book “The Nude” totally is related to my other books but also totally different.

(from the personal library)

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