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The one

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Entering the room expecting to be overwhelmed by an overload of impulses. This was not happening this time. No screaming of flirting books. I looked at the place where the magazine was before. From where it was observing me and had tried to seduce me. Her replacer silently watching me with a smile. The change of time leaded to the divergence of being.

This time deliberately searching for the escape from reality. But how can you find one when you are in need. The books were deadly silent now I was the one who was screaming. Devastated by frustration. One book after the other moved through my hands. Attentively searching for a way to escape.

This time no hidden doors.
Time is jostling. Again the clock dictates my swiftness and need to precipitate. Entangled in the web of time. Paralyzing me. Feverishly starting to look for an escape.

Suddenly between all the books on a notable shelf a dim glittering. A sparkle of hope, would this be the one? Finely resting in the palm of my hand.

The opposite of absorption this time, the appearance of a reflection. For a moment I was captured in this image while seeing myself. This was no escape but fruitlessness of reality.

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