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Monday, February 11, 2013


C82% M79% Y46% K45%

 A mysterious dark blue was the starting point of my observation,

 I could see this color on everybody, combined with lighter tints of blue and black,

wearing simple jeans and very little accessories.

 And most of the time a comfortable sweater in the same color.

The connection between the school as a building and the students in it became clearly visual for me;

people walking down the blue stairs transforming into a different scene

like a landscape with elements that make sense between each other.

Students sitting on the floor working on their projects are getting camouflaged with the surrounding,

and become just a dark spot on the ground.

I based my research on these two observations;

the dark blue sweater and the camouflaged people.


I started experimenting with the conventional clothes that I constantly see at school.

I tried out different ways of wearing them, getting new forms and textures.

I also experimented with daily tools like scissor,

school materials and basic materials like tape and plastic bags to finish off the clothes.


The shapes I got were really interesting.

Especially the one that came out from a simple sweater,

which I turned into a strange hoody giving it an urban-hip-hop feeling which I also perceived at school.

The tension of the fabric created on the shoulders by the way of wearing the sweater,

makes you bend a bit to the front like the people working on the floor.

I created a skeleton out of the sweater, a basic structure,

and then I worked on the details based on some objects I used in my research,

scissors, tape and a plastic bags on which I drew some black patterns with marker

I painted the leggings with the same gray scale from the building

They turn into live pillars supporting the heavy structure, cracking with the movement of each step.

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