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Photos without legs

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gaspar Felix Tournachon was the first man who took to the sky with a camera and a balloon around 1855. Since then there have been remarkable advances in aerial photography such as the use of kites and even pigeons. The idea: let’s make photos from the sky. But the simplest of ideas can evolve to have great consequences and impact on design, science, war, life and perceiving our world.

France unidentified photographer

The first Photos taken from the sky were regarded as art. Later the combination of revolutionary technologies were used for map making and surveying. Aerial photography became, like many other advances in technology, big in times of war. During the First World War photos were taken from the sky for mapping and scouting areas of battle. The leap of technical improvements made by the army where appreciated in the scientific world. Scientists were now using aerial photography to develop concepts and ways of thinking. Another contribution to science was the possibility to minizalise field research. However, one problem applied itself: conclusions needed to be drawn from a complex play of lines, surfaces and (black and white)  tones. Therefore the interpretation of aerial footage demanded a great deal of knowledge and experience.


legs are nice

Monday, March 15, 2010

legs are…

Process of transformation one thing to another is long and full of difficulties…

What if object we chose is so beautiful and well done that we don’t want to change even a single detail?

I think that nature is the best designer*

Object design seems to be separate being. It is living its own life.

In my project, I would like to add simple everyday objects invented by the human imagination – bedside table made part of infinite perfection of nature – human legs.

* ( ok, some small dogs are sometimes a little bit odd ).

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