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Sonny Boy

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I like boxes. Small boxes, big boxes, secret boxes. The fact that I can put something inside, hide it, and get it out again is magical to me.

This particular box is my favourite. It is a small tin one made in 1980 to keep your cigarettes from crushing.

I like the worn out look, faded gold paint and the scratches. The old and nostalgic look and feel of the little box. The very simple shape, a flat container part and a lid, all made out of one material. The only part that is not made out of tin is the pin that connects the lid to the box.

That connection part is simply some bent tin and that little metal pin. And it works really well, for 30 years already. I also really like the curled edges of the lid, that make it seem fragile, but actually make the box more practical.

The way the tin is bent to get the square shape reminds me of the bending of an enveloppe, or a sheet of paper. I think it’s nice that such a solid and sustainable, decorative and unnecessary little object has such a humble and straightforward feel and look to it.

From these points of liking I decided to make a suitcase, with a similar simple feel to it – exists out of one part (except the handle) – deals with the way an enveloppe is bent or folded – is clearly a suitcase – and doesn’t look so very new

I designed a suitcase with the size and the handle of a traditional attaché case as we all know. To the opening and closing of the suitcase  I applied the aspect of the bending of an enveloppe which I like about the Sonny Boy box.

Because of  the bending-instead-of-lifting opening system the suitcase could be made out of one part, and in order to open the suitcase you unfold it.

Het Boekbindboek

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I choose this book at the first sight of the cover. After a few minutes, I thought it was a must-borrow book.

1.It looks old,old fashion and serious. And the photo in the cover caught my eyes.It is diffrent from most of  books in shelves,the name of the book does not play main role in the cover, but the photo which with many interesting details.There is a old man treats a book with many sorts of tools on a workbench: a book is fixed on a strange wooden shelf by a clip,and the man is pulling a wire from that book very carefully. I am so curious that why he is punishing that poor book so seriously? It looks like doing a surgery for a book.

2.It is a dutch book,that means I tatolly can not understand the words in this book,even the meaning of the name,so I felt this a mystery book.And I like mystery things.

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