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Science in art museum

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It is interesting to see what happens when something is moved from its ordinary place to a new context. This is exactly what happened at the exhibition Beauty in Science. Purely scientifically pictures were exhibited and hanged with the proposition and question, does this count as art?

The pictures were beautiful and well chosen but still the exhibition felt somehow unfinished and sterile.

But when I entered the last room there was a picture of universe hanging at the roof. It made me think how very surreal it is, that we live inside this image. It made me think about how we so badly want to understand why, and this is what this picture and exhibition communicates to me. About wondering why, about the need of decoding our reality, a desire of understanding and search for the meaning of it all.

That is the reason for religion? Then we asked as scientists. I think art works the same. That’s why the science images works in an art space. Because there is the same questions asked but with different approaches.

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