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Fly or not to fly?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My third search in the library, this time not limited to the design section. I wonder, if I should start looking at art, or the section ‘normal’ books in the library. It tickles my curiosity, what kind of ‘normal’ books would a library of an art school have?

The first books I see, are books about airplanes. One of them pops out of the bunch. It’s a thick green book, way too heavy to bring home. The spine of the cover shows part of the structure of a wing. Inside the book I see detailed, structured drawings of airplanes and other flying objects. It looks really old-fashioned, out-dated maybe. I see big machines, which sometimes look like alien-things, that don’t even exist. Especially drawings like the Apollo Lunar Module descending to the moon’s surface, or ‘Egg’s Folly’, a dolphin shaped balloon from the 18th century. Probably this balloon indeed never existed. From the first human attempts to make flying machines untill the last.

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Subjective Library on Flickr

Monday, November 16, 2009

“subjective library” on Flickr

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I find myself wandering in the jewellery section, in my search for an interesting book. But what to choose? What appeals to me? Suddenly my gaze stops at a word that strikes me, in my search of making a choice:


I’m choosing choice.

The cover shows some kind of structure, which reminds me of the pathways of airplanes, drawn on a world map. Only in this case it’s not cities on the map, but the jewellery artists and the types of jewellery described in the book. ‘Brosche’ (the German word for brooch) is a busy airport, as well as ‘Barbara Maas’.
When I take a closer look at the colophon of the book, I realize that my assumptions were wrong. Not only the jewellery artists are mentioned on this world map, but also the key author: Barbara Maas. That explains all the airplanes flying towards her.
To me, this cover shows all the choices Barbara Maas has made, writing this book. Now I am choosing, I am choosing ‘Choice’.

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