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"attracted" Tag

Weaving Designblog

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Through my browsing on the designblog I stumbled upon different tags/keywords. Each played a vital part in leading to my final destination:[x] In this final state of my browsing I found a structure of several dimensions and connections, where each point leads to the other. I let this be symbol of my browsing by visualizing each tag as part of this structure. As the result I create the diagram of my browsing.

The attraction of this book

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Walking in the library. Quite. All the covers of the books are staring at me. I let my finger go over them. Touching with respect. Curious, I move, from book to book.

The book, simple and unmasking nothing of the content.

The book, name and imageless.

Attracted, to the old brown colour.

My breath stops, my hearth bounces and I get a little dizzy. What kind of book does this with me?
Without knowing the content. Without showing anything of his content.

The book, different than the others.

The book, not predictable.

Attracted, to the nothingness.

Surprise me, I whisper. I caress the book. Don’t let me down.

Rietveld Academie Library No: 779.0

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