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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The third and the last time I was walking in to these walls of books.

I am starting to feel at home, it feels like I am in my own house.

It feels like I am part of the design blog were I write my posts on.

I feel home and I am part of something.

I enjoy my state of being. I am in comfort.

In comfort with this book, I can’t link it to a person, I don’t think he is part of something I know, i don’t see the link, so that makes him very interesting.

I want to read him and find the link.

Book number: 15199


Hello Frend of a Frend

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I walked in to these walls of books again.

I saw this book, and while I was observing him, it remembers me of this person I saw in my last book.

In my last book it was an imaginary person, but the cover from this new book I have found is showing me the truth.

The real person who is part of this book, you can say that this book is his house.

He lives in this book and without this book people wood forget him, that’s why I have picked this book so this person will not be ignored.

number of the book. 12651

Miss Honey

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A walk in to a wall. Different walls are facing me.

Hello I said to her.

She said hello to me.

I talked with her for a very little time.

The thing she said to me was red.

In points I agreed in some points I disagreed.

But in conversation with especially her cover I became curies.

Why is it that she said hello.

Why the others didn’t said hello.

She is not very beautiful at all, not very interesting either.

The word she chooses to say hallo was regular.

But it brought me to another level of being aware.

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