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untitled again

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Again, I see myself wandering around the Rietveld Library being conscious of the way I pick up a book from the shelf. This time I was looking with in the back of head the tag ‘mysterious’. And mystery is what I found.  Interesting is that the book where I found mystery: Statische Fragmente by Hermann Gabler, again (like the second book) didn’t had a title on the cover. Only on the side of it. On the front it had an image of swans, and on the back a brief explanation about the book, by a friend of the writer Dick Higgins. For me, this explanation did not make the book less mysterious. Because when I flipped threw it, I only saw one or two sentences each page. On the left page English, on the right page the same sentence in German. Why this form? Why only one sentence each page? Why the explanation of a friend of the writer on the backside of the book?

Now I am back with some of the tags of my first post: ‘weird’ and ‘funny’, which does have a connection with mystery. The connection I just found in my last book.

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swallowing tattoos

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off course when someone asks me to randomly pick out a book of a small library stuffed with all kind of interesting books, I cannot be random anymore. The choice I will make, will probably say something about my subconscious preferences, and is therefore a tricky thing. And if I look at the books I chose, Tribal Tattoo Design and Swallowing Helmets I wonder if it were my subconscious preferences that took those books, or if my choice is determined by the subjective classification of the library. It is both. But if I look at my subconscious (or conscious) preferences, isn’t that also determined by for instance: our culture, our history and current tendencies?

The book about Tribal Tattoos first caught my attention by its yellow cover. This reminded me about the books published by a Dutch publishing company called: ‘De Bezige Bij’. The fact that I almost took a tattoo about 2 weeks ago has also something to do with it. Why Tribal? This probably attracted me because in my opinion tribal tattoos can be a bit corny, I think that is funny, and I like funny books. The book Swallowing Helmets by David Robilliard caught my attention because of the title, which I think is nice. It is weird to swallow a helmet. Inside it has poems and illustrations, some of them remind me of David Shrigley. The image is a picture of a tattoo made or designed by David Shrigley.

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