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Rush into poetry

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No time to wonder around

Only number this time

Tapping them down

Moving backward

I arrived to a section of graphic design. A few are matching the right number. Two are too small for contain all the letters. Two 75 where I was looking for some 758.3. They are small and easy to grab.

Seven hundres fifty eight point three





Two books in my hand

One efficient research


I barely open them. They are for sure about poetry. Which kind I don’t know. But apparently they are in Dutch, but that something to fins out later. I have two book instead of one.

Now it could be simple. Red or black. Stick to the cover and avoid a contact to the content. Except I already encounter the book in the library. As I was taking them my eyes went inside, turn the pages. My look inside change the way I see them now so why not dig a bit more into them now.

Transparent paper

Poem in construction

White page

Simple drawings

The visual take over the text. I’m confronted to a lovely sensation in my hand. But even through the graphic construction of the lines I don’t manage to read this text. It stays mute. Impossibility to relate to the language, the text loose his meaning. Beauty stay cold and lines unclear.

A world of lines

Symbole of black and white

Visual poetry of square

There is some words

Some birds

Animal by themselves

One dog fucked by a men

Juni 1991

Gerrit Rietveld Academy

The rest is up to you. A new journey is now open across the book. I meet see you along in between a deserted landscape and the sunset over my head as I swim in this ocean of poetry. See you later.

Rietveld Library 758.3 wee 1a

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