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Take my idea and through it see yours

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How does all this work come into being? It is, of course, the product of the autonomous genius that is the artist, exploring depths where no mind has gone before and bringing back ideas that are completely original. Yeah right.
Most assignments, especially in the Design department involve a lot of research into existing artworks and other media. For instance, the picture above is an in-between work that started with the title of a book “Take my eyes and through them see you“, by Cerith Wyn Evans.
This made the teacher come up with the idea to have the students exchange clothes.
The photo’s gave a student the idea to cut them up and recombine them by hand.
In versions to come, the student said that she might combine it with the 7 sins, because of those sinful Dolce & Gabbana adverts. It made me think of those Magnum commercials from a while ago.
We’re all truly original…

posting by Arthur Perdijk

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