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SUNrise SUNset

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beautiful and healthy Sun.

How long I’ve been waiting for you, and finally, of course I m gonna spend all day in a museum.

I was quite disappointed; naaa half disappointed, cause of the Sun, I can t be in a bad mode.

So I went in:

Toilet.Library.Toilet.” Victory over the Sun“movie. Toilet. Wardrobe.

Coffee. Cigarette. Sun !!

The opera has made me forget my pain. I started to love that place instead.

Prokofiev, definitely, he was in my mind with his Dance of the king when I was in the first room.

Concepts expressed by words, reduced to lines, shapes, sharp, direct fired into space. I really like it.

Clear and direct. Art as propaganda, for the mass……Like design?

S#@°!t it must be really hard, if you are a designer, in a way you must be kinda psychologist, a bridge.

Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Rubinstejn…….Vivaldi !! the Spring from the 4th season, second floor, big sunny window.

After, that I was no longer interested in individual pieces of art. I quickly started to wander in space.

empty.full.shadow.light. The rooms themselves were art boxes containing art.

I couldn’t stop smiling. Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries. I went out.

“manuscripts don’t burn”. I got to laugh about myself



The Sun

Essential for life on Earth.

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