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Pick me.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello, i´m very very very small. But worth to pick me out of the closet. There is mold in me, but I can´t do anything about it. I will fit in your pocket. I´m grey but not boring. I can tell you many things but not too much. But sometimes you shouldn´t tell too much because you can figure it out by yourself. I want to inspire you instead of telling you everything. Did you ever thought a person that you met and told everything about their self is interesting? Well that´s the same with us books. Encyclopedia´s are so snobby. They are know-it-all. You don´t want to be neighbors with an encyclopedia on a shelf, believe me. A chick flick is also a nightmare. I think I prefer also the older books. But the more specific ones. I had an amazing neighbor it was an old ancient roman. But it was in pain. The cover was almost hanging of the pages. The conversations were interesting but in the same time painful. Because I could hear the pain. I can only hope that I will get to that age. That I´m interesting enough to be in a library instead of being sold or thrown away. E-reader.. yes, that´s our enemy. It´s getting harder every day. We are in fear. That´s why we don´t want to look old and dirty. Because the chance you will be thrown away will be bigger. Some of us has been thrown away or sometimes never returned. It´s always exiting to be picked in the library. It can be amazing but also be horrible. Some people put boogers in us. Or fold our pages. One of our neighbors had a lunatic that put his dick on every page because he knew people would touch it. It was traumatizing.

If books could only speak

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Because I was thinking why I always chose small books, this time I a took a bigger book. But it was thin.. I don´t even look at big books. The cover was grey and it looked so boring. Boring in the way that no one will take that book. The books that get forgotten. I wonder sometimes what if books could only talk, what would they say. I think this one will be the strange one. The older book and I think he would have white hair. I´m thinking this because on the cover there are Greek pillars. A wise old white hairy man. Would some books just scream like in Harry Potter: PICK ME! Or hide because they are so old and a lot of people already read them. I think the new books would be the one that scream pick me and appreciate what is inside of me. The date on which someone rented my book was in 1994. I´m wondering why she or he would have taken that book. That is such a mystery about books in the library. Who took them and where did the books travel to? I think if you take a book on holiday, they will hate the beach. Because there will be sand in it and they will be wet. I think they would prefer old people. Who still really appreciate a book and cares about how you threat them. That don´t use Wikipedia but look their information up in an encyclopedia. I think if books could speak they would feel much lonelier than 20 years ago.

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