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1984 Portable Cassette Player

Friday, May 23, 2008

cassettewalkman The object I’ve chosen to do research about is my pioneer stereo cassette player pk-3, or more clear, my old school 1984 Walkman. What drew my attention is that it has a chic design, but somehow also a retro 80’s look. Especially because of the silver colored straight framing combined with the raster. This raster has been used plenty of times for the cover artwork of 80’s records (For example Blondie’s Eat to the Beat). Basically I like this object because of the nostalgic value. If I would go on a long ride to somewhere with my dad, he would just give me this walkman and I would be quiet.

The slick design appeared to me when I was way older.


Macintosh vs The Rest

Thursday, May 22, 2008

eMac I grew up in a family where, coming to computers, Macintosh was the only option. When I moved to Amsterdam I bought my first computer, an eMac. It functioned, for at least four years, as the center of my house. In a more abstract way, because of all the things he allowed me to do, but also in a more literal sense, because of his enormous size.
When I started the Rietveld Academy I decided I needed a laptop. A Macbook entered the house, but I felt I couldn’t say goodbye to my old eMac. So despite his size, I decided to keep him as a sound system.
Sometimes I wonder how it is possible I grew so attached to my eMac. Is it his form? Is it the world of associations that can be found in the design of this computer made by Jonathan Ive From eggs and eyes to old timers and single-engine airplanes; From record players, hairdryers, pocket calculators and televisions from the sixties to Braun and Dieter Rams.
See a glimpse of the myth in this movie of the introduction of the first Macintosh in 1984

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